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Boats are sorted by their anticipated arrival time at the next checkpoint (except when they are at a checkpoint with a mandatory stop -- then they are listed in arrival order). The time estimated for a boat to arrive at a checkpoint is calculated based on how long it takes for a "typical" boat, how far they are along in the section, and a weird multiplier factor based on their speed on the first leg of the race and which leg they are on. It seems to work reasonably well with the 2013 and 2014 data...

An exception to this is at checkpoints where boats are required to stop. Here boats are sorted on what looks like their arrival time. Actually it is their expected arrival time at the next checkpoint, but with no multiplier applied. This expected arrival time is not displayed until after the sleep times have elapsed. Once a boat is on the move (more than a couple of Km from the checkpoint), then the multiplier is applied. This all sounds reasonable, but has some odd effects towards the back of the pack, where the multiplier can be significantly greater than one. A boat that has not yet moved from the checkpoint can have an earlier arrival time at the next checkpoint than one that has moved. Sorry about that.

  • Position your mouse on a team name to the left of the map and the icon on the map will bounce to show you where yout team is
  • Click a team name to the left of the map or the icon on the map and an bubble will appear giving details
  • Click a checkpoint or waypoint icon on the map and an bubble will appear giving details including current weather if available
  • Click a team name in a table to see the bio entry for that team
  • If the Members are abbeviated..., position your mouse over the members' names to see the full names
  • Position your mouse over the Track Data for a team to see more details
  • If a checkpoint time in underlined, click on it to see a picture of your team at that checkpoint

Note, Estimated times are projections, Tentative times are interpolated. If we know a boat is past a checkpoint, but we do not have an observed time, it is given a tentative time. We usually only give an estimated time one checkpoint ahead, but if the estimated time for the next checkpoint is in the past (as might happen if a boat is not sending Spot data like it should), we will give estimated times further out.

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originally developed for the Yukon 1000 Canoe Race