Entry for 2020 Vitual Half YRQ

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From here you can enter the Vitual Half YRQ or revise an existing entry.  There are several pages of forms to fill out.  You do not need to provide all the information immediately: you can come back and add or change information later.

Please fill in as much information as possible. If you are uncomfortable using a web form, you can send us the information by post or fax. The most reliable way of giving us the information is through these forms as it will be added to our database directly.

You will be asked for names and addresses for each paddler, their aims, experience and reason for entering the race, and for a photo, if you have one. Then you will be asked for any sponsors you want to mention, and any charities you are raising money for. Finally you will be asked for descriptions of your boat(s) and for the "share pages" for your Spot™ or inReach™ device(s).

That is a lot of information. You do not have to provide all of it now, you can enter most of it later. The fields labeled Required must be provided now. Fields labeled Optional you can get away with never providing.

While you can add and change team members later, changing the number of paddlers in the team will change the payment.

Changing class or changing the number of paddlers resets your paid date. This will set your team number to be at the end of the list, and may cause you to be charged a late fee if you are making the change after 2020-09-25

Payment is calculated on the number of paddlers you name.  If you know you will have 6 paddlers, but not not yet know who they are put something for the name of the paddlers.

The entry fees by class are Tandem Canoe: Tandem Canoe: 20.00 Tandem Kayak: Tandem Kayak: 20.00 Voyageur: Voyageur: 3.33 per person 4 person Canoe: 4 person Canoe: 5.00 per person Solo Kayak: Solo Kayak: 20.00 Solo Canoe: Solo Canoe: 20.00 SUP: SUP: 20.00.

You can pay your entry fee by credit card or Interac. If paying by Interac, see the Acxsys Consumer Education Page. Paying by Interac saves us about 3% on each transaction: that adds up. Please use Interac if you can.

Review Waiver

Voluntary waiver, release from liability and indemnity agreement.

Please read carefully.

The Pretend Yukon River Quest is a virtual race where competitors on their own time paddle by themsleves or with others on waterways known to themselves and not the the Yukon River Quest organization. The Yukon River Quest organization cannot and does not assume any liability what so ever as we do not and can not know where or when the competitors will be paddling.

I, Paddler Name, hereby acknowledge and agree that in consideration of being permitted to participate in the race, including use of boats, equipment, and motor vehicles used for travel during the event, and with the full knowledge of the risks of the activities, we hereby for ourselves, our heirs, executors, administrators and personal representatives, waive, release, and forever discharge the Yukon River Marathon Paddling Association, all directors, volunteers, managers, agents, contractors, and employees of the Yukon River Marathon Paddling Association or any of its affiliates and any other person acting under the authority of the Yukon River Marathon Paddling Association from and against all claims, actions, causes of action, costs, expenses and demands by reason of any damage. Loss, death or injury to our persons or property arising out of, or in connection with our participation in the Pretend Yukon River Quest.

I further hereby acknowledge and agree that the event may expose me to risks and hazards, some of which are inherent to the nature of the sports themselves, including without limitation, the unpredictability of weather, water conditions and some of which may result from other causes including, without limitation, errors of human judgment. I agree to personally assume all risks and hazards, and I further agree to bear all costs for rescue or medical attention rendered to us, or for our benefit, arising from the event.

I acknowledge and agree that I am ultimately responsible for my own safety.

I acknowledge and agree that I have read this release of liability and indemnity agreement, that I clearly understood it and agree to its terms, and that I am freely and voluntarily executing the same.

Each paddler will be sent a copy of this to "sign". For minors, the parent or gardian must "sign"

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