Entry for 2024 Yukon River Quest

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From here you can enter the Yukon River Quest or revise an existing entry.  There are several pages of forms to fill out.  You do not need to provide all the information immediately: you can come back and add or change information later.

Please fill in as much information as possible. If you are uncomfortable using a web form, you can send us the information by post or fax. The most reliable way of giving us the information is through these forms as it will be added to our database directly.

You will be asked for names and addresses for each paddler, their aims, experience and reason for entering the race, and for a photo, if you have one. Then you will be asked for any sponsors you want to mention, and any charities you are raising money for. Finally you will be asked for descriptions of your boat(s) and for the "share pages" for your Spot™ or inReach™ device(s).

That is a lot of information. You do not have to provide all of it now, you can enter most of it later. The fields labeled Required must be provided now. Fields labeled Optional you can get away with never providing.

While you can add and change team members later, changing the number of paddlers in the team will change the payment.

Changing class or changing the number of paddlers resets your paid date. This will set your team number to be at the end of the list, and may cause you to be charged a late fee if you are making the change after 2024-07-14

Payment is calculated on the number of paddlers you name.  If you know you will have 6 paddlers, but not not yet know who they are put something for the name of the paddlers.

The entry fees for all classes are $400.00 per boat plus $400 per person for the full race, and $175 per team and $150 for the half race

The entry fees for the half race by class are Tandem Canoe: 200.00 plus 200.00 per person Tandem Kayak: 200.00 plus 200.00 per person Voyageur: 200.00 plus 200.00 per person 4 person Canoe: 200.00 plus 200.00 per person Solo Kayak: 200.00 plus 200.00 per person Solo Canoe: 200.00 plus 200.00 per person SUP: 200.00 plus 200.00 per person.

Review Waiver

Please see the new waiver available on the web site


Solo entries cannot register unless they are returning paddlers or have submitted paddling resumes that convince the organizers that they have sufficient paddling and remote wilderness experience.

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